Fundusz Europejski

Surveillance and Inspection Flights

We provide specialised aviation services survey to monitor and inspect gas and oil pipelines.

Power Line Inspection

We provide Aerial Inspection Services of high voltage power lines.

Aerial Photography

Thanks to our expertise and specialised equipment, you are able to collect superior pictures, landscapes and specialised imagery. Capture and analise what once was beyond your range.

Who are we?

LIMA Ltd. was established in 1999. We have since specialised in the inspection of gas, oil pipelines as well as power lines and aerial photography. The long-term experience with our previous and current contractual partners in this specialised field of work warrants you with safety, reliability and customer satisfaction. 

Our aircrew has been JAA / EASA certified since the companies inception. All active crewmembers have an individual flight experience, exceeding 6000 flight hours. Professionalism and safety is our major asset. We represent these standards in all facets of Lima operations; this is a fundamental part of our operational curriculum.

Commercial experience, Professionalism and continuously maintained qualifications to European standards are our main assets.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with our offers, we stand for our commercial viability, integrity and accountability.

Air Work

  • Surveillance and Inspection
  • Aerial Photography
  • Agricultural and Forestry Services
  • Environmental Surveillance
  • Power Line Inspection Services
  • Special Event Monitoring


  • CAMO according to Part-M Regulations
  • Mi-2 and Bell 206 Helicopter Helicopter Maintenance according Part-145 regulations.

Air Work

  • AW-1 - Agricultural Services and envioronmental reclamation projects.
  • AW-2 - Surveillance and Inspection Flights using specialised on-board equipment
  • AW-5 - Specially equipped Fire monitoring / fighting services
  • AW-7 - All other general aviation services


  • CAMO according to Part-M Regulations
  • Mi-2 and Bell 206 Helicopter Helicopter Maintenance according Part-145 regulations.

Contact Us

Business Address:

LIMA Sp. z o.o.
ul. Ostrowite 37,
87-400 Golub-Dobrzyń,

tel./fax. +48 56 46 231 43
fax.: +48 56 46 309 79
w godzinach: 10:00 - 16:00

NIP: 878-15-62-345
REGON: 871134252
KRS: 0000019918

Air Base:

N 53° 28.485',
E 018°  50.485'
Wielkie-Lniska 1A,
86-302 Grudziądz,


Natalia Łagowska



Aleksandra Mitura

CAMO Manager


Maciej Majewski

SMS Manager, Specialist


Dariusz Skorupski

Maintenance Manager

license PL-9695-MML


Bogusław Podlaski

Aircraft Engineer

license PL-5119-MML


Bartosz Manikowski

Aircraft Technician

Quality Management:

Adam Zboromirski

Compliance Monitoring Manager

license PL-7891-CPL(H)


Maciek Jaskółd

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